One of the greatest theological minds of our time...

 Dr. Moffett is the Author of many books and he is one of the top authorities in the world on the Christian faith.

Power Thinking Press

About Me

Place of Birth

I was Born in rural Laurel, Mississippi and raised in Oakland, California.  However; I have traveled all over the world... (i.e. Italy, Greece, Germany, Holland, Jordan, Egypt, Kenya, etc.)

My faith

I don't  compromise on religion and I adhere to "Strict Monotheistic Christianity".

My involvement

I have written many books that contain the absolute truth, even though my research reveals facts that are sometimes unflattering of the historical and contemporary Christian Church.  I write and report anyway,  because, I believe "the truth is the truth, no matter where it is found", and I believe everyone deserves to know the truth.


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